Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing you a Warm Christmas!

I always loved playing in the snow when I was a child, but not so much anymore. I hate how it melts into my socks... How it slows down traffic and piles along the driveway and sidewalk in the morning. But… I do love a good snowball fight!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everyone! If the cold makes you unhappy, then I hope this card makes you feel better.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lashing Out

Here's a fun illustration I did for The Improper Bostonian Magazine. It's a brief piece about the new trendy eyelashes this season. The idea of wearing fake eyelashes made me think about peacock feathers. Peacocks would spread their colourful feathers to attract their mates… much like how long lush eyelashes can be sensual and alluring.

Some roughs:

And the final.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baby Utopia for 2 Magazine

I had the pleasure to illustrate for 2 Magazine's advice column a while back. The illustration accompanied the following question: What do you think of natural or organic products for children?

Here were my inital concept roughs:

Final Line art

Baby Utopia, Final Illustration

Friday, October 17, 2008

Backpacker Magazine: Bats!

Here's something I did for Backpacker Magazine's 'Survive This' column. The article discussed how to survive a bat attack and prevent the transmission of the rabies virus on a wound. Here were the initial roughs:

Rough 1

Rough 2

For some particular reason, I wasn't happy with the way I inked the man so I redrew him serperately and photoshoped everything together afterwards.

inked image

Finished Inking Version

Final Illustration

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sketchbook Fun

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And for those further down south, a happy Coloumbus day! Here are some random sketches to celebrate:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Canadian Business Magazine- Pursuit of Happiness

A little while back, I illustrated for Canadian Business Magazine’s September Issue. The article was called, “Pursuit of happiness”, by Sharda Prashad. Just to summarize, the article was about employees spending their bonus on others and in return, would reap more happiness than if they were to spend it on themselves. Prashad writes “There’s been a lot of research that ironically shows that money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Here were my initial concept/sketches:

The AD went with the little girl blowing the dandelion made of ribbons; which conveyed feelings of wishful giving

Final Line Art

Final Coloured Illustration

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Christina's Desktop Wallpaper

Here's something I did for fun. It was suppose to be for my new website but I think it looks better as a desktop background. To make up for last week missed blog post, I've saved the image in 12 different resolutions to fit your screen :)

To download, right click link and "save as.."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Texas Techs

Here’s an image I did for Texas Monthly. You can view the actual article and illustration at this link:

The gist of the article is whether or not the Raiders can break through to an elite status or if they'll always be a close second (or third or fourth). Champs or Chumps? So I drew the Red Raiders trying break through the opposing team’s defence which have the numbers 1 and 2 on their backs (metaphorically symbolizing the ranks).

illustration coloured in Photoshop

Black and white inking Image is 7.5” X 12.5” on 14” X 17” 100lb Bristol paper

Friday, August 22, 2008


My little cousin plays basketball on the school team. She's half my age but has already surpassed me in height. If I had the chance to be tall for a day, I would like to dunk a ball at the park. Swoosh!

And so here's a tribute to that impossible dream:

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is one of my favorite pieces from the No Parachute Required Show. Mostly because it represents a lot presonal things about myself. I encontered various difficulties colouring this piece as I was unsure of the mood that I wanted to portray to the viewers.

Here is one I finally went with:
30" X 20" Giclée On Canvas

Here were the other colour variations:

Brightly Coloured Option
The Modern Unfinished Look

The Yellow Rusty Look

Here is the Final line art (I wish I didn't ink it on such crappy paper...tears*) :

P.S. The images here are somewhat small... I actually uploaded these images quite large but they don't link to the larger version when you click on them. Does anybody know how I can fix this?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Parachute Required Show!

The No Parachute Required Show was a great success! I would like to thank everyone who came out and showed their support.

"The No Parachute Required Crew"
From the left: Michael Byers, Christina Ung (me), Rey Ortega, Greg hill and Alexei Vella
(Missing: Kyung Soon Park)

For personal and gallery images, I always start off by drawing what I want to draw. The meanings and conceptual ideas behind these images come naturally during the process. Here are the stages I went through to create “Monkey Business”.

Initial sketch, marker and pen on paper.

Line art, Ink on Bristol, 11.5” X 17”

Final art, Line art scanned and coloured in Photoshop

With this illustration, I explored the elements of FIGHT. The two fighters are the main focal point but a closer observation reveals a crowd of monkeys who take on human-like qualities. Even though the crowd is separated from the fight by a fence, they are very much in essence, the driving force of the fight.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sketchbook Revival

I finally purchased a new sketchbook after going so long without one. Make that 4 new sketchbooks. Now I won't need one for a while :) Here's an image I drew on the first page to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Parachute Required - July 24

I think tattoos are beautiful. I wrinkle easily so I'm guessing that any tattoo I get now won't look pretty on me when I age into an old lady...

Hi Everyone!
For those who check my blog weekly, I apologize for not updating often enough... The big day is approaching and all the sketches I've done so far are for the show.

To make up for my absence, I'll like to share a new exciting program release. A friend of my, Vince brought this to my attention. It's called Art Rage. It's like painter and has a lot of cool brush effects. The best thing is that it's only about 12 mb! Look for it here--->

Finally, a shout out to Modus Lotus for featuring me on their blog. Check them out here: (

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Illustrations for USD Magazine

I had the opportunity to work with USD Magazine a while back. They wanted me to do a cover illustration and 5 portraits. They were portraits of outstanding students; Gyno, Summer, Hiermona, and Joshua from the University of San Diego. Normally, I don't like to do portraits but while reading the story of each student, I was inspired and determined to create something wonderful for each of them. I've posted my favourite 2 illustrations from this project and some process work that I did to get there.

Here are some thumbnails i did for the cover and 1 of the portraits. I really have a thing for drawing athletic people so that's why I selected the roughs I did of Gyno Pomare to show you. As you can see, he's all about basketball.

Here are some refined roughs I came up with for the cover. I liked the little basketball players/cheerleaders in the third one but the AD selected the second one; which I think was smart.

Here's the final cover image:

Sketches of Gyno in action. The AD went with the 3rd option; the one with the music notes. Here's the final illustration for that. I wanted to incorporate music to all the illustrations I did for Gyno because in his article, it read that he would use music to pump himself up before a game and I wanted to capture that in the images I did of him.

When the magazine was published, the AD forwarded me an email from Gyno Pomare. He wanted to express his thanks and the excitement he felt seeing those illustrations I did of him.
I can't express the happiness I felt at that moment... it was simply wonderful :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Time Blues

I devoted some time last night to do some personal sketching. It was a bit uneasy for me to draw freely under the pressure of deadlines and the upcoming gallery show. It’s silly, but I only recently noticed the word ‘dead’ in deadline. Hmm… a bit harsh isn’t it?

Well here’s something I sketched out last night. I thought you might also be interested in my thought process so I included my initial sketch which is where I layout the composition. It’s not so pretty but nevertheless, not everything starts off looking like the Mona Lisa.

I managed to throw in some colours. It’s a simple image but there’s something about it that makes me tingle with happiness. I think I might move forward to a final with this one; so look forward to seeing it finished real soon.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Miss CEO

If I was to be someone else, I would like to be that woman in my sketch. The one screaming "faster!" Why? Because she looks tough and mean >:)

Here's something that just came in the mail today; a piece I did for UCLA Magazine. It was probably one of the funnest projects I got to work on! See if you can find Einstein, John Wooden, Shakespeare, and Elvis in there.

This is something I did not too far back for Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. I'm posting this up because I love how the colour in the text and layout compliments my illustration.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Here's an image I did; potentially for the No Parachute Required Show. I was feeling quite adventurous so I experimented with colours that I usually would not use. For instance... the pink little kids still bug me. I haven't decided whether to use this image for the show or not but I guess u'll have to go to find out :)

Here's an image I did for fun. The coloured version you see there is still incomplete. Honestly speaking, I got bored and I'm not sure if I will finish it...