Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Illustrations for USD Magazine

I had the opportunity to work with USD Magazine a while back. They wanted me to do a cover illustration and 5 portraits. They were portraits of outstanding students; Gyno, Summer, Hiermona, and Joshua from the University of San Diego. Normally, I don't like to do portraits but while reading the story of each student, I was inspired and determined to create something wonderful for each of them. I've posted my favourite 2 illustrations from this project and some process work that I did to get there.

Here are some thumbnails i did for the cover and 1 of the portraits. I really have a thing for drawing athletic people so that's why I selected the roughs I did of Gyno Pomare to show you. As you can see, he's all about basketball.

Here are some refined roughs I came up with for the cover. I liked the little basketball players/cheerleaders in the third one but the AD selected the second one; which I think was smart.

Here's the final cover image:

Sketches of Gyno in action. The AD went with the 3rd option; the one with the music notes. Here's the final illustration for that. I wanted to incorporate music to all the illustrations I did for Gyno because in his article, it read that he would use music to pump himself up before a game and I wanted to capture that in the images I did of him.

When the magazine was published, the AD forwarded me an email from Gyno Pomare. He wanted to express his thanks and the excitement he felt seeing those illustrations I did of him.
I can't express the happiness I felt at that moment... it was simply wonderful :)

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