Monday, August 24, 2009

Trick Or Treat Illustration for Marketing Magazine

Here's an illustration for Marketing Magazine about two start-up phone companies and how they might change the mobile phone industry in Canada. Both companies are taking a sort-of philosophical approach, claiming communication is everyone's right and that cell phones aren't just rich people's play things anymore. They're going after the 40% of Canadians who don't already own a phone.

Here were my roughs/concepts for this article. I wanted to communicate that cell phones were cheap, affordable and easily accessible for purchase to the public. The Art Director liked the bird's eye view composition with the piƱata so we went ahead with that one.

So here's the final. The AD wanted me to use dark muted colours such as greys, blues, and reds to stay consistent with the magazine's colour palette. I don't usually like using greys but I think the bits of colourful confetti carries it through nicely.

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Jason k. said...

Great colors, great work. I like the 3rd sketch there too.