Thursday, October 1, 2009

Illustration for Canadian Business Magazine

"Foreign Acquisitions Rules are getting Muddier"...
Here's an illustration about the whole controversial sale of Canada’s Nortel to US Nokia Siemens Networks. To which, Ontario-based Research in Motion attempts to usurp the deal for themselves but was not allowed to bid in the recent auction.

Here’s the sketches I came up with. The AD went for the pigs.

The fence (representing the foreign rules between Canada and the US) is weak and broken and so the pigs (representing the company’s assets) are wandering aimlessly. Here is the illustration in progress:

The final illustration.

I later cropped the image so it would fit with the page design. Unfortunately some of the pigs were losted in the process. Here's a scan of the actual magazine page:


hwentland said...

nice work, christina.

pete ryan said...

great piece

jason k said...

Who would've thought to use pigs! Nice Christina!