Sunday, November 29, 2009

Illustration For Out Magazine

Here's something I did for Out Magazine. The illustration is for a diary by 'Shortbus' director John Cameron Mitchell. In the article, he writes of his experiences at the first ever Russian Gay and Lesbian Film festival at St. Petersburg, Russia; which was ultimately met with protest and police presence.

Here were some of the concepts I came up with. The Art Director went with the first one but I also liked the second sketch because it showed censorship in Gay films in a unique way. Perhaps, I’ll take sketch 2 to final on my own time.

Here are some snapshots of my progress work.

For the final illustration, I took a different direction with the colours. You can never go wrong adding more colours ;)


Juan Carlos Solon said...

The step by step is really a nice thing to look at!

How long is the turn around for all the work?

great stuff again!

Christina Ung said...

Thanks Juan,
I can't remember how much time I had for this particular project. But ideally, a week for roughs and a week for the final.

Jason K. said...

This is 1 of my favs Christina. Keep it up with the process shots. I'm loving it.

Veronica said...

Fantastic work!!

Yeah Short Bus is not the kind of movie you want your parents to know you've watched, haha

pete ryan said...

this looks great - great job!