Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Art of Murder

Here's an illustration for Philadelphia Magazine about volunteers gone wild. I thought it would be fun to illustrate them around a table with hidden weapons in attempt to kill their co-chair.

The step-by-step process: Concept Scribble---> Refined Sketch--> Colour Rough.

And then the final illustration in 2 different colours. The Art Director preferred the yellow version so that ended up being published in the magazine. Personally, I'm obsessed with red. So I did like the red one more.. but am happy either way.


Michael Byers said...

I am with you. Both are great but I love the red one as well.

Jason K. said...

I noticed the red obsession too and I'm glad for it. I vote for red. Nice.

Christina Ung said...

Thanks Guys

jess b said...

I love how playful you are with your briefs, always great to see how you creatively (and visually) interpret your projects.

also sorry if there is a 'deleted message' by me floating about my internet is being funky.

Christina Ung said...

hahah, well, the deleted msg is fixed and no more! :)

So glad you're enjoyin yourself Jess.