Thursday, February 4, 2010

Star Trek Movie Review for PlayBoy

Here's an illustration I did for Playboy Magazine's movie review on the 2009 Star Trek Movie. I didn't have to wrack my brain for anything conceptual so it was a really fun and relaxing project.

I usually start off all my projects by doing a massive image research on the internet. This usually helps kick-start my creative thinking and allows me to conceptually piece together ideas. With this particular project, I stopped midway and I decided to just go and watch the movie at the theatres. I love it when you get to do something fun and attribute it to work

So here are some compositions I came up with:

It’s always difficult for me to make a colour selection because personally, I think all the colours of rainbow are beautiful. I usually end up asking family and friends for their opinions and tally up their votes.

And the most voted image..


Juan Carlos Solon said...

All the color combos are great in their own way, I really like the last two though especially!

great work! now I wanna watch the movie again..!

jess b said...

You should save your movie ticket and put it down as a work related fee for tax.

Wonderful image again, and nice to hear that someone else has problems with colour. The minute I start playing around on photoshop the image gets saved away as: Never be finished.

But I'm all for the final chosen image, several thumbs up! Can't wait to see your next work.

Solo said...

Man love the Work especially this- for a Trekkie. Cant wait to see what you do next.

Christina Ung said...

Great movie; definitely worth watching twice Juan.

Thanks for siding with me in my colour dilemma Jess. I wish I didn't lose my movie receipt though.

@ Solo- glad you're enjoying yourself :)