Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Illustration for Portland Magazine

I did the Mudroom Opener for Portland Monthly back in November 09. Two older illustrations that inspired them were the ‘Alumni Party’ illustration I did for UCLA and ‘Chinchilla Jacket’. I’m not fond of backtracking into past styles but I gave this go.

The Art Director had something very specific in mind; two round tables and the following Portland people that had to be included: LeGarrett Blount, Max Records, Paula Lucas, Fred Stickle, Merritt Paulsen, Stu Rasmussen, Sam Adams, Beau Breedlove, Nigel Jaquiss and Jason Wurster.

I did a detailed research on each individual and their stories before proceeding with any sketches. Research always adds more meaning and depth to my images. It also helps me with layout, image props and facial and body expressions.

Here are some colours I played with. The Art Director went with the more neutral palette.

The line art and coloured finals were done on Photoshop.

The final selection:


Oleg Portnoy said...

Christina, beautiful work as always. I think it looks great sitting on the white background.

alex fine illustration said...

It's really cool to see your process. Great illustration!