Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TV Day Poster Par 2


To everybody residing in Canada, I hope you had a fabulous long weekend. Unfortunately I celebrated Victoria Day with a nasty cold and a deadline. Nevertheless, I did get some sun because it was one of our hottest days yesterday; about 34°C. Woot!

So here’s part 2 of TV day posters with John St.

I usually give my clients a few different concept sketches. We were short on time with this project, so the Art Director already had the concepts pretty much figured out. Here's a process shot:

Because this was TV day in Canada, the client decided to replace Bob Barker with Don Cherry.

For every poster, there were 2 sizes; a long, and then a shorter one. Here’s the final poster in the longer dimension.


JuanCarlos said...

Lovin' these! great process

Jason K. said...

Are you going to have these (TV Posters) in your stores? I want a copy.

Christina Ung said...

Thanks Juan.

@ Jason, probably won't have these available right away in my store. Email me though if you're interested in a print.

QuinTor said...

Thank you for sharing your process and ideas. Your are such an amazing illustrator. You are on of my top website to visit weekly.
I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Dan Billen said...

Nice work under pressure. You swapped out Bob Barker - no problemo! LOL.