Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TV Day Posters: Par 1

I worked with John St. to produce three 12 ft posters day for TV Day in Canada. The Art Director pretty much had the concepts and layout figured out so I just had to draw them out. Here are my process shots for one of the posters that I worked on:

And the final poster,

This was one of the most challenging projects I worked on. It was my first time working with such big photoshop files and I didn't have much time either..

So no one ever has to go through what I did (scary flashback**), here are some tips for working with large photoshop files:

  1. Contact the printers and find out the minimum size/resolution required for the final printing output. Usually you can work ¼ of the required size without losing any image quality.
  2. Do the line work in the required size that the printers give you. Do the colours in 1/2 the required size. When you are done with the colours, flatten the layers and drag them into the line art file. You'll have to enlarge the colour file to match up with the lines but no worries, the line work will cover the blurry edges so you get a crisp finish.
  3. Another great alternative that a friend told me about was to do the illustration in a fairly decent size. Get it printed out as large as you possibly can and then get it professionally photographed and enlarged.

Hope this comes in handy. If you have any ideas you’ll like to add, post them below. I’d would to hear them! :)


alex fine illustration said...

I love the way you added the tv bar colors in the parachutes. Very clean drawing too!

Kidchuckle said...

love this!!!!!
I love how retro it feels!

Michael Byers said...

These are gorgeous. I saw the other two on your website. So lovely. Great job Christina.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Yuta Onoda said...

Stunning work!

Jason K. said...

LOVELY! Are these on sale?