Monday, June 28, 2010

ALERT** Beer Smugglers!

Lots of craziness over here in Toronto if you care to know (if not, scroll down):

The 10 sec Earthquake--> I seriously thought I overdosed myself with coffee when my computer starting shaking.

G20--> Time machine in action; looks like we went back in time and started behaving like cave people.

Now to add to all that, here's an illustration I did for Milwaukee magazine.
The article is about New Glarus' Spotted Cow beer. The beer is only available in Wisconsin and the article tells of our attempts to sneak the Spotted Cow out of Wisconsin.

My Process:

And the final illustration:

Hope you got a laugh from this fun little drawing. It's Monday I know, but lets pretend it's friday ~Bye for now.

**Shout Outs**

To Lou who kindly posted about me on his blog.

Also to Juan Carlos Solon, another great talent you must visit. Check out his website here.


Michael Byers said...

Ha Ha. I love it. Love the colors, love the drawings, love the characters. So much humor. Your rock!

Christina Ung said...

Glad you like it Michael :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love your work!! Definitely will be following your blog from time to time for inspiration :)