Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mac Money Managers

Hi Everyone,

So here's some illustrations I did for Macworld's June 2010 issue. The article compares personal finance tools for the desktop, iPhone, and Web so that disorganized people (like me) can manage our money more efficiently.

For the roughs, I tried to incorporate the idea of 'managing your personal finances' by drawing some common house chores that required organization. Ie. kitchen storage and raking leaves (except the man is raking money).

The Art director wanted to go with the 3rd sketch. Around midnight though, I pitched a new idea to her- take a look below.

For the opening illustration, I have a hand putting money into a pixelated piggybank. I thought the idea nicely showed the digitization of money. The piggy bank symbolizing a personal financial software.

And for the spots, I played dress up with the piggy bank to illustrate budgeting with the financial tools/softwares discussed in the magazine.

After all the hype, the idea was turned down in favour of my initial sketches. No regrets though, it was lots of fun :)

So back to my first concept. Here are my process work. I worked the composition, played with the colours and then did the final line work.

And the final image with some last minute detail on the right page.

I'm not going to get into details with the spots but here are scans from the magazine of the 3 spots I did to go along with the story.

Hope you guys enjoyed this long overdue post. Lots of more fun illustrations coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned~ Bye for now.


Jason K. said...

This is gorgeous Christina. Looking forward to more.

Michael Byers said...

fantastic images Christine!!!