Thursday, February 4, 2010

Star Trek Movie Review for PlayBoy

Here's an illustration I did for Playboy Magazine's movie review on the 2009 Star Trek Movie. I didn't have to wrack my brain for anything conceptual so it was a really fun and relaxing project.

I usually start off all my projects by doing a massive image research on the internet. This usually helps kick-start my creative thinking and allows me to conceptually piece together ideas. With this particular project, I stopped midway and I decided to just go and watch the movie at the theatres. I love it when you get to do something fun and attribute it to work

So here are some compositions I came up with:

It’s always difficult for me to make a colour selection because personally, I think all the colours of rainbow are beautiful. I usually end up asking family and friends for their opinions and tally up their votes.

And the most voted image..