Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christina, where are thou?

A message for you..

If you've been wondering why there has been no updates this month, it's because I've been busy working on some great new projects for 2011 and I've also been obsessively renovating my workspace/bedroom. Good news is that I will be updating soon as there are still lots of 2010 images that I want to share with you.

My Workspace

For those who are curious about my new obsession, here is an image-web of my room in progress. I have an entire folder of inspirational images and the whole process has been so much fun that I've been depriving myself of sleep. Though I’m not an interior designer, I do passionately enjoy creating. I think more important than talent, is the ability to have fun. Wouldn't you agree?

~Bye for now


Daniel Hamilton said...

I just saw that top illustration in my housemate's copy of Nuts (lol). The whole 'future of the tube' thing was funny because of its accuracy. Really cool stuff! :D

Jason K. said...

Christina, I hope you show us your workspace when you're done!