Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RRSP Illustration series for Canadian Business Magazine

Early this year, I did a series of illustrations for Canadian Business Magazine about RRSP. The article was about how to start building wealth and outlined some key tips about growing your RRSP. I did a total of 7 illustrations for this assignment but I'm only going to pick 2 key ones for this purpose.

The main illustration needed to provide an overview of the article. Basically, how to "Turbocharge your RRSP". Here's the process work for this particular image:

The final illustration on it's own:

The next illustration accompanied the following text, "It's okay to focus on your home for now." This part of the article was about home mortgages.

The final illustration:

When tackling any project, there is a lot that happens behind the scenes. Editorial illustration is not just a pretty image, it's needs to work with the text and usually conveys information or a message to the reader about the article. I like to use Microsoft Onenote to brainstorm and organize my ideas and sketches. Here's a screenshot of one of my Onenote pages from this project.

Hope you enjoyed this very long post (sorry, I couldn't help myself!). My next post will be Thursday's Image Diary. Bye for now.


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Anonymous said...

Not too long, thanks for explaining your thought process.