Monday, June 27, 2011

Wired Magazine Process Work

I had the opportunity to work for Wired Magazine earlier this year. The article was about the myriad of gaming platforms available these days making gaming all the more demanding and addictive. The client wanted an image that had a lot of movement and energy. I knew absolutely nothing about games and I only had less than 2 days to execute the image, but... the project sounded absolutely fun and so I jumped right on it.

Here were my initial concepts. I sometimes include notes with my sketches to my clients. You see this here.

The Art Director went with the head concept with the game elements surrounding it. Here's my process work from sketch to final:

I created two colour variations of the final illustration. The red one went to print.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Bye for now.



Weylon Smith said...

Thanks for sharing Christina. Both of these concepts are equally as compelling. It's so fun to see your process. Congrats! said...

I totally stumbled upon your blog but it all started with The New Yorker artist of similar style. Your work is so fresh but considering the list of your clients you are probably out of budget league. But I’m going to ask anyways – I’m interested in a poster-size illustration without really revealing the subject – how much would do you charge? Or, is this something you discuss privately?

BTW – count ma as fan!

Christina Ung said...

Thanks Weylon, I'm glad you enjoy my process.

@newcomer_ts: Thank you! And to answer your question, my fees depend on usage rights and image size. Feel free to get in touch with me by email,

Veronica said...

I love it!! Can't wait to see it :D