Thursday, September 29, 2011

American Workers don’t have the right skills to get a job?

I stumbled upon an article this morning on CNN Money called, "Unemployment claims fall to lowest level since April". The article reports that "14 million people remain unemployed in the United States." What's shocking is...

There are 3 000 000 jobs that are unfilled in America. CNN suggests that problem may lie in the fact that most Americans do not have the right skill sets to get a job.

I find that hard to swallow. Because I personally believe that most people are overqualified and it's their job that stops them from reaching their full potential.

And this is what I want to convey in my image diary this week. I wanted to show the disconnect between a man's potential and the job he actually performs.

But now for some really GOOD NEWS..

To all freelancing illustrators. If you want to learn more about the industry, I highly recommend you check out NOOK COLLECTIVE. The same teachers that taught me all I need to know about illustration and how to run a freelance business are holding seminars in the Toronto region.

My best advice to any artist is to continue to grow and learn so go check them out.



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