Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Freelance Illustration: Illustrating for Businessweek Magazine

Working with an Illustrator..

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with me? For this post, everything you see is exactly what I give to my clients when working on an editorial illustration assignment. To demonstrate, I'm going to use the PUMA illustration I did for Businessweek's article, "Puma Is No Longer a Sneaker. It's a Lifestyle"

PAR 1 After reading the article, I come up with a bunch of sketches. I pick the best three, refine them and send it off to my clients. Here's what my clients typically get from me:

I usually like to write down the key concepts from the article that I'm trying to depict beside the image.

PAR2 After the sketch has been approved, I move forth with the final illustration. Here's a detailed thumbnail layout of my work progressing from rough to final:

And here is the final illustration:

That's all. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Lots of love to you,

Christina Ung

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Jeannie said...

Love it when you make behind-the-scenes posts like these!s