Saturday, May 7, 2011

Useless College Courses

Illustrating for magazines and newspaper has its perks. Having to read all those articles and doing my own research for any given project, I find that I am able to carry on a good conversation about politics, people, business scams and all sorts of news and world events. On the down side, these projects sometimes come last minute and require you think fast and work efficiently.

One of my favourite clients to work with is BusinessWeek because their last minute assignment always gives my brain a good workout. By last minute, I mean roughs by 4 pm and final due in the morning (though once in a while, I do get the weekends :-)). This particular assignment was about useless college courses. I illustrated “Turf and Turf Grass Management” which was 1 of the 3 useless courses mentioned in the article.

Here were my roughs/concepts:

Tips: When working on a tight deadline, I spend 1/3 of the time brainstorming with words, the other 1/3 of the time doing image research, and the remaining time sketching out my ideas.

Here is my process work and the final illustration:

So despite the time limitations with this project, I still managed to have lots of fun drawing the students in the background. I was always a serious student in college but a bit of a sleeper as well.

So.. what type of student were you?

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Image Diary: The Flower Girl

This Thursday’s image reflects my infatuation with roses combined with the elaborate hairs styles of the Victorian era. Because roses only bloom for short periods where I live, I figured that I should illustrate someone who can at least enjoy fresh roses and peonies all year long.

Just a heads up, I finished the worst of my deadlines so I will be posting the BusinessWeek blog (I promised a while back) sometime this week. If you have a chance, drop by again in a few days and check it out :)

~Bye for now.

Note **Thursday Image Diary is about putting aside 1-3 hours every Thursday to draw & scribble to my heart’s desire. These images represent my own personal feelings and my interpretations of events. **